Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Too many choices

So I am pulling possibilities for my final border:

I don't really like any of the above choices. The brown one matches alright but it looks too harsh to me. The blue one is pretty but there is something about it I am not liking. I am not sure what?

 I am leaning towards one of these three below.

I like green. There is a lot of green in this quilt which just happened by chance. I like the shade of the first green one but I am afraid those flowers will make my border way too busy. 

I like the polka dot fabric because it looks cheery and this is a cheerful quilt. 

The solid green seems like a safe choice. There are some solid green pieces in this quilt already so it goes ok. But I am still not sure... I keep thinking that a solid border, or one that reads solid, or a dark border is going to take away from the center of the quilt. I think that is why I kind of like the sage green with the flowers. It isn't really bright or dark and it is still busy so it goes with the busy-ness of the quilt top BUT is it too much busy???. Maybe I would be better off skipping the final border and calling it done? But I think it needs a final border...

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