Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Pineapple Blossom & Guild Project

I finally settled on borders for my pineapple blossom. As you can see the wind kept blowing my top around so I finally just snapped a couple of pictures. Anyway, the top is done!! Woohoo! It will go in the pile with the rest of my tops for now. I need a break from it AND I have other projects I need to work on! 

And I have a FINISH! Yea! In our guild this year we had an opportunity to participate in a project called "it's all in the bag". We were given a gallon size zip lock bag to put fabric and embellishments in. We returned the bags and they were swapped and given back out anonymously. With the bag we received we were supposed to make a wallhanging at least 24 X 24 inches using the fabrics & embellishments. We could add our own fabrics if we choose to but the idea is to make the wallhanging using the items given to us. Here is the one I made:

I was so happy to get a bag filled with bright fabrics! My bag also had lots of buttons, sequins, jewels, pearls and ribbon! Eeekkkk!!! That part scared me! My initial thought was to make a crazy quilt of sorts, but I let time slip away and doubted my embroidery skills. I had purchased a Spare Change ruler which uses 5 inch squares and 2.5 inch squares recently and wanted to try it out. I added ribbon and ricrac around each little square. The only thing on the entire quilt that I used that wasn't in the bag was that blue/torquoise ribbon. I added buttons in the centers. I didn't have enough red to go all the way around so I glued on some jewels. I opted not to use the sequins or the pearls. All the leftover fabrics and embellishments go back to the owner as well as the wallhanging. Thus wallhanging measures 27 X 27 inches. I hope my person will like it! I was pleased with it. I free motion quilted it in a meander with a torquoise thread. The only part I don't care for is the machine stitched binding. I have tried this method twice and haven't been pleased. I know others that machine stitch their bindings beautifully, so I know it can be done. Oh well... I decided not to take it out and redo it. We get to do a special show and tell at our upcoming guild meeting and find out who we made our wallhangings for and who made ours! It will be fun!

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  1. Congratulations on two beautiful finishes! I'm looking forward to to Tuesday night : )