Thursday, January 28, 2016


I haven't posted in a long time it seems. Mostly I am frustrated with myself. is who I am... I have these ups and downs. I cannot seem to get motivated with sewing anything, however there are lots of things I want to finish up and lots of new projects I want to start. And so I am frustrated. I know that I really need to sit down and prioritize. Perhaps I will make a list of 5 WIPS and start there.

For 2016 I decided I wanted to do a Smash Book. If you aren't familiar, a Smash Book is kind of a "no rules scrapbook" basically. I did a little scrapbooking several years ago, but got bored with that and got rid of a lot of my stuff. I don't want to do all the fancy scrapping stuff...just want to keep it simple, thus the Smash Book. However, it takes me so long to do just one page, even though it is super simple. I do enjoy the process though. I am just making pages with stuff I do. I made a page about taking my new dog to the vet, a page about the snow, pages about my recent trip to the beach, etc. I am keeping up so far, but we'll see for how long. I know if I get too far behind I will get frustrated and give it up.

I mentioned my new dog. Well, he just appeared, and I am guessing he came from wherever the cat that appeared on Halloween night 2015, Squishy, came from, because the two of them seem to know each other and get along well. My new dog, Jack, does not get along very well with my cat that I've had since 2010, Tangerine. Or maybe it is that she doesn't appreciate him, or Squishy. So yes, I now have 4 pets. 2 cats and 2 dogs. I am not taking in any more strays!!! We tried to find Jack's owners but no one will claim him. I love that dog though, so since I have taken him to the vet I am officially declaring him mine. No one claimed Squishy the cat either, and he was also taken to the vet and officially a member of our family now. We believe someone near by must have moved and left them behind, although we have no proof of that. They are both very loyal and don't seem to want to leave. Anyway, having that many pets is quite a handful and keeps me busy, but they are all good pets and good company.

January is almost over. Maybe February will pull me out of this slump I am in.....let's hope so!