Sunday, March 15, 2015

RSC and Tula Pink

It is a rare treat when one of my daughters' decides to join me in my sewing area, but today it happened. My younger daughter and I started working through Tula Pink's book of blocks last summer. We put the numbers 1-100 in a bowl and when we finish one block we draw out a number to determine our next block. When we finish we will each have made 50 blocks and we plan to put them into one big quilt. We aren't rushing this and are just working on a block here and there whenever the fancy hits us. Here are the two blocks I made today.
We are just using random scraps. I wish I could say this is making a dent in our scraps but it really isn't! I think we have made a total of 25 blocks so far. Here is the book we are using. I love it!

I think I mentioned last week that I wouldn't get much sewing done and I was right! I was hoping to get more cutting done, but I didn't get much of that done either! Let's focus on the positive. For the yellow rainbow scrap challenge I cut out enough squares for two baby quilts...yea! Also in the picture a few 5 inch squares to add to my charm collection. You can see what others are making in yellows here!

I plan to work on putting these tops together at our guild retreat at the end of the month. Now that it is cut the temptation to start sewing is great!!

I also finished my geese for our guild's mystery quilt 2nd clue. I am so excited that I am keeping up so far! 

I used the method Bonnie Hunter taught us at a class for using the scrap triangles to make bonus HST. I didn't take a picture but I made 96 bonus 3.5 inch HST!! I was tickled with that! I'm not sure how I will use them, but it was fun not to add that extra scrap fabric to a scrap pile or the trash :) 

The goal for this week is to work on the Twirling Hexagon quilt to get it ready to take to retreat and to start cutting the fabric for my daughter's graduation quilt so I can also take it to retreat. I did sit down and figure up a game plan for her quilt, so that is a little progress, right??

Saturday, March 7, 2015

Hello March!

Hooray for March!

This month the Rainbow Scrap Challenge color is YELLOW! I made my March Nine Patch Nirvana BOM in yellows. I love the skulls :) I love making just one block a month. Check out what everyone else is making for their Rainbow Scrap Challenge this week.

I also finished my Love Notes baby quilt. It turned out cute! I am saving it for when I need a baby girl gift, I think. I prefer a brighter color palette but this one turned out very sweet and I am sure it will be perfect for some baby girl someday!

This week we got the 2nd clue to our guild's mystery quilt. I have one 'wing' on each of my geese. I should get the second 'wing' on today or tomorrow. I am really enjoying this mystery so far. If you would like to work on the mystery too our guild is posting the steps on our website here.

This isn't quilting related, but I did get some new shoes. Bright pink! I think they are the perfect shoes to celebrate the coming of spring!

Soon will be our guild retreat. I need to figure out what I am going to take to work on. I am thinking a yellow and white baby quilt, my daughter's graduation quilt, and/or the quilt I have started called Twirling Hexagons to donate to a senior. I have to start cutting all my fabric for all of these quilt tops, so that is probably what I will work on next week. I want to be ready for retreat so hopefully I can get a lot accomplished while I am there!!
I am happy it's March!