Monday, November 10, 2014

Weekend of not sewing

So this weekend I didn't do any sewing really! But I had fun otherwise. My daughters and I went shopping on Saturday. We picked out Christmas decorations for two soldiers stationed overseas. It was fun! On Sunday I spent the day doing laundry, helping with homework, and helping fill out college applications. Oh my! It can't be time for all this, can it? I'm afraid my girls are growing up. After all that we needed some fun so we went to see Big Hero 6. I have to say it was a better movie than I anticipated. Today I received the fabric I ordered for Bonnie Hunter's mystery quilt! Yea! I decided to go with all solids and I stuck with Bonnie's color choices. (Or pretty close. I'm not sure about the Aqua, but I ordered it online so I was choosing by my screen and the color names. I like it, so whether it is the same color as Bonnie's or not, doesn't bother me!)
I am excited! I still need to finish the mystery from last year. I sew a block or two about once every two weeks. AND I need to get ready for my pineapple blossom class with Bonnie which will be Saturday. So much to do so little time!

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

More little pouches

So I have had several friends order the little zipper pouches. Yea! I've made quite a few and still have about 11 more to make. 
I hope they will like them! 
I have attached the binding pictured in my previous blog post to the quilt and have started the process of hand stitching it to the back. One side finished! My goal is to have it completely finished by my next guild meeting. Can I do it?!
I have made 4 receiving blankets recently as well. The knight one was ordered. The 2 plaid with birdies is going to be a baby shower gift and the pink piggy one will likely be donated. All of these are made of flannel. So soft and cuddly!

Saturday, November 1, 2014

Teeny tiny zipper pouches

A sweet friend gave me the cutest teeny tiny zipper pouch and encouraged me to try to make one using the tutorial she used. This is the link: These are so much fun to make! 
I made this one for my daughter! She is a Marvels fan.  
Five more little bags :)
Three more... The Marvel was sneaky and got in this picture too :)
One more, how cute!
And I also made the binding for a queen sized quilt. Don't you love rolled up binding? It always makes me smile!
Now on to a new month of sewing!! Happy November!