Monday, October 19, 2015

Make It Monday

I needed to sew today but I don't have time (or the desire) to work on a big project. I was inspired by my daughter. I worked Friday night and Saturday night. I ended up leaving work late both mornings and was exhausted so I pretty much slept all day Sunday. I didn't get to spend much time with my daughter. On one of those days while I was sleeping she got out our Tula Pink blocks. We've been working on these blocks slowly, when we just feel like it, and it has been stress free and fun! We draw a number when we've finished a block to determine which block we will work on next. Here is the block my daughter made this weekend:
I love it!! 
So today I needed to do laundry, I have to work again tonight, but I wanted something quick to sew. I made my next Tula Pink block. I like how fast these blocks work up and they come together nicely. We are just using scraps. These fabrics looked kind of fall-ish to me so I think they were a good choice for today. Here is my block:
Here is the lovely book we are using to make our blocks:
And now I can say I made something today and that makes me HAPPY!! Did you get to make anything on this Monday?


  1. What cool blocks! I'm working on a large tote bag made with strips from deconstructed men's shirts. I'll cut the lining from a couple shirt backs.

  2. I bought that book too on your recommendation. I am going to start working on some blocks in rainbow colors starting next year :-)