Thursday, January 8, 2015

There is nothing like a new book

I love books! I love quilting books! They make me happy. I own way more than I should and I could never even make one quilt from each one in my lifetime if I tried. I read my quilt books though. I get them out from time to time. I use them for inspiration and for the handy tips in them. I always have a stack beside my bed and a couple with me most of the time!

 I had two coupons for JoAnn's and since I am on a fabric diet I decided to buy books! I had one book I knew I wanted:

I am participating in a 5 inch square swap this year and as I cut out squares to send I have some extras I am keeping for myself so I think this book will be helpful in using up my squares. What I love about this book is there are 40 quilt patterns! Lots to choose from! And even better there are instructions for EVERY single one of them in lap/throw size, twin size, and queen size! I think that is awesome!!
This is the next book I picked:
I have been looking at this book for some time now. The main reason I did not buy it before is because all of these quilt patterns are big, either queen or king size. I typically don't like to make large quilts, but I have been considering making one for my bed queen sized, and I might make a queen sized quilt for someone for Christmas. I am not sure if I will or not yet. Anyway I like the quilts in this book. They look antique and rustic. I am sure mine would not turn out that way, but it is pleasing to my eye to see it in the book. There are 2 patterns I really like:
I think I am drawn to the low volume. I love the look but I am used to very bright colors so it would be a challenge for me. I love the pop of orange and red in there! The other pattern I like is also low volume:

Triangles!! And guess who has a 60 degree triangle ruler she has never used? Me of course! I am thinking of making this one for the Christmas gift. I am just worried if I can keep it low volume. Anyway, if I decide to make that Christmas gift I am seriously thinking of this pattern. There are 10 other pretty patterns in this book as well. 
Time to fold the laundry and quit being lazy! 

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  1. Both most excellent books. I've been eyeing that first one from time to time : )