Thursday, January 15, 2015

RSC January week 3

For the Rainbow Scrap Challenge I have made one more house. I think my goal will be 3 houses/month. These are fun to make and a bit of a challenge for me trying to include as much blue as possible. I'm calling this my all-American home. Baseball is all-American and so is Elvis who lives here ;) I wonder what Elvis would think of this house? It's no Graceland but he looks happy rocking out in there. Someday I hope to go to Graceland. It's on my bucket list!
I was inspired by my friend Sheila this month. Actually she is always inspiring but I MADE something with my inspiration from her this time :) For the RSC I thought it would be fun to make 9 patches. I thought I would just make a bunch each month and at the end of the year put them all together in one big quilt or a couple of throw/lap sized quilts or something. So I started by cutting one 2.5 inch strip from 9 different blue fabrics. Most of them were full WOF but a couple had a little off the ends. I sewed them into 3 strip sets, cut them in 2.5 inch segments and then sewed those segments to make 9 patches. I ended up with 2 segments of one strip set and one segment of another strip set and fifteen 9 patch blocks. Here's where the inspiration came in: Shelia made a baby quilt wih some blue scraps this month! And I thought I could use my 15 blocks and make a baby quilt too. So I found a little piece of bright red and started planning. I was having trouble making 15 blocks work, when it dawned on me that I had 3 segments and could make one more block, so I did! The name of this quilt top is "One of these is not like the other" Lol! I like it and I am happy I did not add those segments to an already overflowing scrap bag. My daughter does not like the odd block and says it drives her crazy that one block is not like the others. I say it gives this little top character.  Most likely this little quilt will be donated whenever I get it finished and I am sure a baby will not mind an odd block in their quilt. Yea for using up more blue, and I used up almost all of that little piece of red, not even enough left for the binding! The top measures 38 inches X 38 inches right now. Thanks for the inspiration Sheila!! You can see Sheila's baby quilt here

Check out what other people are making with their blue scraps on Saturday morning here .  I need to come up with a plan to use more blue next week. Any suggestions?


  1. You are so kind to say such sweet things about me : )
    Yes. Like you,this year I'm sewing up scrappy blocks each month and when I have enough blocks, I'll make some quilts. Feels good to turn those scraps into something useful. Love this RSC.
    BTY, I love your All American Baseball Elvis house block! Cool idea! Love your happy baby quilt top, too! It's sure to make some new mother and baby very happy. You go girl!

  2. I like the little baby quilt! It's sweet! And your house block is so much fun!

  3. Love your 9 patch top and that cute house block too. Way to work those blues!

    1. I am having fun with the blues! Thanks!

  4. Your house is so cute. And I like the baby quilt.