Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Celtic Solstice progress

Everyone is finishing Bonnie's latest mystery the Grand Illusion. I have to admit I cut one strip of fabric in clue #1 and that is as far as I got. However I have printed all of the instructions and I do plan to work on it at some point because I like what I am seeing!! In all of this mystery excitement I got out my Celtic Solstice. I love this quilt and I am not even close to being finished. I am happy that I am making progress. I think I need to make about 15 more blocks and then I can piece the center. Yea! 
These blocks are just laid out so I can start to see the design. I LOVE IT!! I hope to finish it this year. 

New Year's Resolutions update: 
I am 6 days soda free. Today was the worst day so far. I am not sure why. I have been substituting a lot of juice/punch, which probably isn't much better than soda. My goal is to switch to majority water eventually. 
I have also gone 6 days without buying any fabric AND I even went to JoAnn's. I did buy some thread and two quilt pattern books :) My daughter told me I would probably spend less money if I would just buy fabric. Haha! She may be right but I did want these books. I'll blog about them another day. 
Hooray for keeping up with New Year's Resolutions!!

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  1. Looking good, Laura. I look forward to hearing about the two quilt pattern books you bought : )