Monday, May 1, 2017

More finishes in April

I had a pretty good quilting month in April! My favorite finish was the K quilt. This was a collaborative effort. My sister messaged me in February I believe and said "let's make our sister something for her birthday" which is in April. So she suggested a wall hanging made of "K's" (our sister's name starts with K). I thought that was a good idea so I whipped up two K blocks and then I said "why don't we make a quilt?" And so my sister made half the blocks and I made half the blocks and then I mailed my blocks to her. The K's are various solids and the backgrounds are all fabrics that make us think of our sister. She put them together and while she did that I pieced the back. I opted to just pull all the red fabrics I had and I used them. Red is my sister's favorite color. I added the appliqué 40 for interest and fun. My sister mailed the top back to me and I took it to the long arm quilter. We chose to have it quilted with a star pattern which made us think of fireworks and celebration. I bound it in a solid deep red. I really love how this quilt turned out! I loved collaborating with my sister. I loved picking fabrics that made me think of my other sister. We gifted it to my sister and she loved it!! It measures 56 inches X 70 inches. My only regret was that we finished after March quilt guild and gifted it before the April guild meeting so I didn't get to take it for show and tell. Lol! This was such a fun project!


  1. What a fantastic collaboration and outcome! So thoughtful and gorgeous.

  2. Two awesome quilts! I LOVE them. Congratulations on to wonderfully finishes!

  3. Oh wow! I love this quilt! You guys did an awesome job!