Sunday, April 30, 2017

Posting pictures

Aren't quilting and blogging friends the best?! I mentioned I was having trouble posting pic and sweet Chookyblue sent me a suggestion to email pics to my blog and then edit the post. Genius! So I gave it a try and woohoo a picture appeared on my blog :) Thanks Chooky!!! This is a recent finish and I'll do a proper post on it soon! 


  1. I'm so pleased this worked for you.........I have been emailing most of my blogging life as I had dial up internet that was so slow it would take up to an hour to upload a pic to my blog if it worked at all........but when I discovered emailing I could send them heaps quicker and then edit the's what I do 99% of the time now days...........

  2. oh and your quilt looks great..........