Monday, June 1, 2015


Time is something I struggle with. I am not one of those who can spend every waking moment doing something productive, so I am acutely aware that I "waste" a lot of time. Also, I think I need big chunks of time to do things. In particular sewing. I like to have a day set aside just for sewing. Now that is a nice thought but the reality is I am a Mom, a wife, and I have a job. All of this means I rarely can find a day to sew. I get frustrated and irritable and down right blue, and most importantly it causes me to not sew on anything. So, I am going to try to carve out at least 15 minutes a day to sew. This will be hard for me and I know there will be days that it will take me 15 minutes just to get my machine set up, but I am going to try it and see if I can feel a bit more accomplished. Today I spent 30 minutes sewing and I got more done than I thought I would. 
My current project is from this book.
I saw a review of this book a while back. I can't remember where I read it! Sorry! Anyway I thought it sounded like a fun book. I ran across it when I was vacationing recently, and I bought it! I am working on the pancake game. So much fun! In my 30 minutes I sewed on 7 syrups and 5 butters to my pancakes. My goal for my few minutes of sewing tomorrow will be to finish sewing the butters on :) I love this book and the fun games and tons of ideas it has in it. There are several more games I want to make at some point. I don't have any little people so this game will be donated to my guild to sell to raise money for our guild during our quilt show. Maybe some little ones will have some fun with it! I'll share pictures when I get it finished. 


  1. Some days when I'm busy, I try to find time, maybe 15 minutes or so, to make a block or two or sew some scraps on paper. Feels good and I'm a block or two closer to a quilt top.

  2. That pancake game (the sewing part not the playing) looked like so much fun. I think I want to make one for myself.