Monday, December 29, 2014

The Simple Joys

I love piecing quilts. I love seeing fabric come together and create a work of art. But what I think I love the most is the peace and quiet and only thinking about the project at hand when I am sewing. I treasure my sewing time. Today I got to spend a little time in the "shop" and I chose to work on my Celtic Solstice. I believe I managed to make 8 more blocks. It is slow going but I am determined that someday I will finish this quilt. I am loving my color choices! Enjoy this picture of my work in progress :)
PS- that is my binding bowl in the background and that pretty green binding is for my Rainbow Snot quilt which still needs to be quilted but I love that my binding is all ready to go :) My daughter found the binding bowl in a thrift shop somewhere. We are not sure what it's original purpose was. It has a small round hole on the other side and the wider slot you can see in my picture. When I sew my binding on I slip the end through the slot and it keeps my binding from rolling away! Perfect!! 

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  1. I love your colors, too! Hopefully I'll have an opportunity to start mine this week.
    I see two buttons on the side of your blog! Good for you : )