Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Summer Sweep......

Summer flew...and here it is almost the end of September! Good grief! Just to keep things simple here are my finishes since the last posting (which was in JUNE...shame on me!)

I got on a kick making sweet pillowcase dresses!

I call this one Find your Inner Peace! Love this quilt :) The pattern is actually called Crazy Courthouse Steps.

The back of Find Your Inner Peace

This is our guild mystery quilt. I like the yellow and red together, makes it bright and cheery!

This is the back of the Mystery Quilt. I plan to use it in our camper, so I picked super cute camping fabrics!

This was a special request for a baby girl-to-be. This is the first time I have put a name on a quilt and I love it! I also quilted this one myself! WooHoo...go me! LOL!

This is the back of Catelyn Lily's quilt. I've had the fabric for a while just waiting on a good use, and I think I found the perfect use for it :)
 So this is what I did over the summer! I have about 4 quilt tops made.....and I need to piece the backings for all of them. And can you believe I starting cutting fabric for another quilt top today?? Ahhh.... quilt making is a crazy obsession for me but I have fun :)

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