Friday, April 26, 2013

One from 2011

Looking through some pictures I found pictures of this quilt I made for my Mom in 2011 for her birthday. This was a string quilt and I used this pattern: I changed mine a little from the pattern. I just made my heart using reds and the background with blues. This is a very heavy quilt. I used muslin for the foundation and I used batting as well. In the future I will try using a paper foundation and see if that lightens it up a bit. My Mom loves it and uses it though! I tied this one, because my longarm quilter's machine just couldn't handle all those layers. I have lots of extra strips from this quilt and I am going to have to make another one someday!
This was taken before the binding was stitched down. I don't think I ever got a completely finished picture of it! I love this pattern. Mary's Heartstrings has so many nice patterns and she does awesome charity work. Check out her site here:

Here is the back. Don't you love that tattoo Mom fabric?? I do!
Eventually I hope to post all of the quilts that I have made that I have pictures of on this blog. Just so I have them all in one place :)

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  1. All your quilts are beautiful, Laura. I plan to make Mary's heartstrings quilt next year. I think I'll sew my strings on paper instead of fabric. Thanks for the heads up.