Friday, August 17, 2012

My First Quilt---2009

 So I begin the chronicaling (is that a word, and if so is it spelled right??). This is my very first quilt, and I might say my favorite. Ok, so you'll hear that a lot! I think I fall in love with every quilt that I make! But seriously this one really does hold a special place in my heart because it is the first. This quilt is big! I took a beginner's quilt class  in 2009, and wow! This was a challenge for me, considering I really had never sewed or used a rotary cutter or anything else! It was quite funny because the directions were to pick out 21 coordinating fat quarters. I didn't even know what a fat quarter was! LOL! and picking out 21 of them was overwhelming. So I just picked bright novelty prints because I wanted my quilt to NOT be like a blanket I could buy at Walmart. So in my quilt are mermaids, dogs, music notes, flowers, paper dolls, stripes, fireworks, monster/aliens, etc etc...If I saw it and I loved it I added it! Needless to say it is unique! I remember many of the other people in the class didn't care for it---too bright, maybe too childish? I suppose you could say I don't have a sophisticated style. I love bright and fun! As you can see this is just a quilt top in the pictures, but it has been finished. It was too big for the long arm quilter's frame at the shop I took the class so my friend hand quilted it for me :) Yep, that's a good friend. The back is a butterfly print and the binding is a gorgeous salmon/kinda orangy color. This quilt resides on my bed and I will forever love that quilt. What do I love best about it? Everytime I see it I smile :) It makes me happy!!!

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