Wednesday, July 10, 2013

A late posting for June

I was busy busy in June and managed to get a few things accomplished, but one of them wasn't posting this info in my blog! ooppsss!Here are some pictures of June Finishes-
This is my flower block for the guild picnic. I liked the way it came together.

This is a laundry bag I made for my niece. I really LOVE the way it turned out. I hope to make myself one someday to use while on vacation.

This quilt is made for my friend's Mom. I hope she will like it. I love the single Irish Chain pattern.

This is the back of the Irish Chain quilt. Love the flowery quilting and the bright paisley fabric.

Wonder Woman, Super Girl, and Bat Girl baby quilt for a coworker. I think it turned out "super" cute!!- hehe! 

Echoing star quilting..

The back of the Wonder Woman, Super Girl, and Bat Girl quilt. I thought I would try to put something a little more traditional on the back of the quilt. This sweet fabric was from Ikea.

Mom of the baby-girl-to-be is a nurse and I thought this one looked like a nurse! How cute!

This is a simple baby quilt that has been donated.

The back is simply white but the heart quilting makes it amazing!

A quilt that will be donated to Ebenezer's Children's Home. I love the colors in this quilt!

Trying for an artsy photo :)

The back of the quilt. Flowers and Fruits and Stripes=Fun!
I got quite a bit accomplished!! Now I need to step it up this month. I've actually pieced several quilt tops and now I need to work on backings and bindings and get some more complete finishes done. Happy July!